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Leaky aortic valve
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:08:36 PM »
I know that when I had my open heart surgery, my surgeon did not either notice my valve to be an issue, or just that it wasn't worth trying to fix at the time of my ER surgery. After I got a test on my valve post surgery, I was told I had a bicuspid valve and had a mild leak. I was told my Bicuspid valve could have been there since birth. Fast forward 14 years after my surgery and for about the last 3 years it's gone to a "moderate" leak. I saw a letter/message flyer from my surgeon at Providence Everett Hospital, Dr. James Brevig talking about the new advances in TVAR.  I know that it puts extra pressure on the heart muscle with this issue. However, I think if I have to have my valve replaced, it has to be open heart. For some reason, my friends have said the TVAR won't work for me. Not exactly sure why? I need to get clarification again. My surgeon just happens to go to the same barber shop that I go to! Brian :)
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